Fit over 50: How to find the right gym

Finally get fit again! This is a goal that many people ages 50 and older have! But getting there can sometimes be a bit difficult! Especially if you haven’t done any sport for a long time, it’s often difficult to find the right way to start! A gym can be a big help! There you … Read more

Nutrition plan

The right diet is as individual as you are. Therefore, I can only provide a sample diet plan for a fictional person.The person is male, about 55 years old, 5’11” and weighs about 230 lbs.His daily caloric intake should be about 1900 kcal, with about 50% coming from protein, 17% from fat, and 33% from … Read more

Fit and healthy in the 50+ with simple fitness exercises

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Finally get fit again! Simple in-home and outdoor fitness exercises for the 50+ generation Once the kids are out of the house and the workday has settled down, many people yearn for more exercise and a healthier lifestyle. But where do you start when your body is not as fit as it used to be? … Read more

Healthy diet for people over 50 – 10 concrete tips

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A healthy diet is important at every age, but in the 50+ it plays an even more important role. Because with age, the body and metabolism change, which can lead to various challenges. In this blog post you will find concrete tips on how you can structure your diet in your 50s to stay fit … Read more

Healthy eating: the foundation for a fit life

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Why nutrition is the key to success Many people who want to get fit again initially concentrate on sport and exercise. But an important factor is often neglected: nutrition. Healthy eating is the foundation for a fit life and plays a central role in losing weight, building muscle and increasing energy. In this blog post … Read more

Fit and Healthy in Your 50s: Getting Back Into Shape – Discover How!

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Welcome to my blog “Getting Back Into Shape”! Today I’d like to start by introducing myself and telling you why I started this blog. My name is Michael and I am now 60 years old. Like many of you, I’m in the middle of my life. The kids are out of the house. Work has … Read more